The Differentiator

Established Business Operation and Exceptional Level of Technical Competence

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Ecocarrier Inc. is part of a Group of companies that possesses proven technologies, solutions and expertise and supply sources and established carrier relationships that enable it to:

1. Supply VoIP-based solutions that are in great demand in worldwide markets.

2. Operate, maintain and enhance its established effective, cost-efficient, high quality carrier service network to provide reliable call termination services and VoIP-based specialty services in an ASP model to its stable and rapidly-expanding customer base in some 35 countries in Middle East, Africa, Central Europe, Caribbean, and Latin America.

The value proposition of the Group to its clients is its ability to go beyond the supply of products to supplying complete solution and to building the entire business operation for the provision of VoIP (Internet Telephony) telephone calling services for calling any telephone directory number anywhere in the world.

The Group offers a truly one-stop-shopping supply source for all aspects of VoIP business including the building-out of necessary infrastructure such as Fixed Wireless installation and satellite ground station installation complete with traffic transport through satellite space segment and teleport facility and access to the Internet.

As the core technology and the software for specialty services that build the service platform are developed by the Group, the Group has the singular advantage of being able to offer its clients and customers:

1. A very responsive technical service for meeting the clients special service features requirement - such as customization of the service user interface to the clients own image to give the clients the appearance of an original service provider.

2. a very high service level performance even in the unlikely event of accidents suffered by Ecocarriers service platforms due to assaults by external entities in the Internet, recovery of the service platform to normal state of operation can be achieved in the shortest time with the immediate attention by the in-house engineering team of the Group to carry out trouble-shooting, repair, software modification and patches, etc.

An Enviable Reputation

Ecocarrier has the enviable reputation in the VoIP-based service provision industry as being a company providing and/or having the most reliable, highest-quality call termination service for:

1. Prepaid Calling Cards

2. Postpaid service individual and/or corporate users

3. Call Shops

4. CallBack service

5. PC to Phone

6. IP Centrex service individual and/or corporate users.

7. Very versatile and tolerant call routing softswitch capable of interoperation with any H323-compliant or SIP-compliant endpoints for call origination and with any H323-compliant or SIP-compliant call termination gateways or softswitch.

8. Exceptionally versatile and flexible billing functions notably the singular feature for supporting multiple-levels of resellers and allowing each of the levels to set Sell Rates for each dialcode and many other features very useful for the effective and efficient operation of a VoIP-based international telephone call service.

The most responsive, effective pre-sale and post-sale technical service and NOC (Network Operation Centre) support provided by a very knowledgeable, highly-skilled technical support team 24x7 based in Richmond Hill, Canada and Dubai, UAE.

The best value for your money and the most competitive low rates for call termination and for great-value-added services.

Peace of Mind

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