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Mobile Roaming Services

Mobile Broadband on Demand (MBBoD) Service

MBBoD Service is a Mobile Broadband on Demand prepaid service. It is available to the end user either as a standalone product or as part of Ecocarrier’s X-Dialer service package for MobileDialer-to-Phone service or Eco123 Web Conferencing service package.

This unique plug and play data card product with over-the-air activation is very simple to use and is an ideal product/service package that any reseller in the ICT space can carry as part of their product/service line.

MBBoD Service provides an easy way for individuals to access the Sprint mobile broadband network at their convenience. The solution is ideal for those who have infrequent or sporadic need for internet access when mobile.

plug n play data card

It is complete with the following flexible, convenience features:

The end user can:

1. Buy MBBoD service off the shelf of a reseller.

2. Activate that data card over-the-air.

3. Select a specific data plan/Change their data plan.

4. Buy additional MB when needed.

5. Pay with credit card through Paypal on-line payment processing service.

MBBoD offers users an easy, economical way to access the Sprint 3G network in the USA when they need it, for as long as they need it.

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