Student Travel Card Program

prepaid-calling-cardsStudent and Youth Travel is a big business. So also is the business of supporting the students and youths and the guardians and parents who are concerned with the safety of the youngsters.

Ecocarrier works with organizers of students and youth going abroad for schooling and education to design Prepaid Phone Cards and Prepaid PIN for the students to use in country of their stay.

The outstanding features of the service scope are:

  • An e-calling card to make low-cost international calls from a fixed line phone or a mobile handset.
  • Works from US/Canada and in around 20 countries.
  • Prepaid service at lowest rates and high quality.
  • No expiry dates and no loss of prepaid minutes.
  • Call History complete with Call Details Records and Account information available online.
  • Easy online recharge via PayPal or credit card from anywhere.
  • Calling card PIN can be used as a traditional calling card and in PIN-less dialing operation.

universal-prepaid-calling-cardAdditionally, an optional feature that offers a hotline calling service for either the student to call a local number of the country of their stay and be connected to the parent or guardian in the home country or for the parent or guardian to call a local telephone number in their home country and be connected to student in the country of their stay for schooling – all this facility is provided by the operation of the global service platform of Ecocarrier.

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