Ecocarrier Inc.

Ecocarrier Inc. is an OTT, MVNE for Wholesale Carrier Services and SuperMVNO managed services and also a developer and producer of AR, VR & MR enabled games, apps and solutions from our cloud-based service platforms.

We are relatively new in the AR/VR/MR space but we have managed to assemble a very good team of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality developers, 2D/3D graphics/animation artists, and have recently added some UI/UX specialists to our team. This human resource has the support of our core engineering/development team who have vast experience and are highly skilled in IP telephony, Billing, On-line Payment, Cloud-based Managed Services, Big Data Analysis etc. all of which are attributes employed in service platforms for wholesale telecom carrier service provision and for managed services of our SuperMVNO Program.

Our approach for value proposition in the AR/VR/MR space is:

  1. to introduce the technology and to popularize its use by making it available and accessible by ordinary consumers and business users with a Smartphone or a tablet in games, apps and managed services.
  2. through offering web-based AR editor to facilitate the development of AR-enabled app in an easy-to-use DIY operation.
  3. also provide B2B solution for AR, VR and MR production as managed services for various industry and commerce space.

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